Aqua Cube

Krishibid Bangladesh Limited has been launched a large scale Japanese water purifying machine named Aqua Cube with a capacity of: 2000-10000 Litter/Hr.

Aqua Cube-water purification unit by MF Membrane filtration is full –fledged water purification device that uses high quality performance microfiltration membrane to secure “Water’’. Aqua Cube enables to purify pool water, well water, rivers and ponds water as drinking water as well as daily life water for cooking, toilet, washing cleaning in sufficient quality over a long period of time.

An activated carbon filter and chlorine dosing equipment are equipped. Odor component of humic substances such as Algae in the raw water is removed by active carbon filter, and supply the sterilized , safe and delicious water.

Krishibid Bangladesh Limited believes that Aqua Cube is the all-in-one facility that is designed to project support life and health of a big community or disaster victims with the power of pure drinking water until further assistance arrives.

AQUA CUBE brings health and smile to you by creating the precious drinking water.

Capacity:2000-10000 Lit/Hr

Uses: Beverage Company, Disaster area, urban area, Hospital, Industraial area, Apartments, hostels or any other big Complex.

Guarantee: Long Life.

Specification of the container